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33 | The Holocaust and Zyklon B | Is IG Farben Pfizer?

Find out how this photographer survived the "deadly Zyklon B"!!!
If you read this blog, you know the list of "33" that pertains to World War II; connecting Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and United States all under the same umbrella of organized conspiracy.  Today, we decode another piece of "33" fiction from the war, that has been discussed much, especially in the earliest days of this blog, but never decoded.  It is the chemical Zyklon B, accused of being used in the mass killing of Jews and other war captives by German forces during World War II. 

During the Nuremberg Trials testimony was given saying that Zyklon B pellets were dropped through ventilation ducts into chambers where prisoners were being held, and the gas released from these chemical pellets would be inhaled by the prisoners, in turn causing death.  The problem with this testimony, is that scientifically, it does not hold up, as Zyklon B needs to be heated to a high temperature to release a deadly gas, which would have been impossible by dropping it onto cold, or even room temperature flooring.  In other words, this was false testimony, all for the purpose of building up the war-time propaganda against Germany.
  • Holocaust = 8+6+3+6+3+1+3+1+2 = 33
  • Zyklon B = 8+7+2+3+6+5+2 = 33
In the end, Zyklon B was likely chosen as the "propaganda piece" because of its Gematria, and no I'm not kidding.  That is why I say this "Gematria stuff" is important, because it is essential to understand in decoding the full hoax.  It is likely also part of the reason the word "Holocaust" was chosen to describe the event.  Ask yourself, why else would they choose a word in Holocaust, which means "burnt animal sacrifice to the gods"?  Who the hell would name something that?  If you said "33", pat yourself on the back.

The German company IG Farben, one of the largest companies in the world at the time, produced Zyklon B.
  • IG Farben = 9+7+6+1+9+2+5+5 = 44
  • Recall that "44" is associated with death and destruction
  • Kill = 11+9+12+12 = 44
What happened to IG Farben is unclear.  However, the leading scientists working for the company were all brought to the United States at the close of the war, in "Project Paperclip".  Perhaps their minds were put to work for chemical and pharmaceutical giants in the United States.
  • CVS = 3+22+19 = 44
  • Pfizer = 7+6+9+8+5+9 = 44
  • Military = 4+9+3+9+2+1+9+7 = 44
Also, the word "Project", used in Project Paperclip, as well as the Manhattan Project, is a "33" word.  Like the United States, Germany also established their flag on a "33" date.  In 1933, Einstein came to the United States to help with the Manhattan Project; he also has a "life" and "death" number of "33".  Also in 1933, Prohibition ended, and drinking consumption surged.  Better yet, Hitler came to Power, in the third month of '33.  And that's just a small part of it!
  • Project = 7+9+6+1+5+3+2 = 33
Thank you Dustban Radio at for the tip about Zyklon B = 33.  I always do enjoy when the "33" word rhymes with "33" itself, as it does with Zyklon-B-33.
  • Rhyme = 9+8+7+4+5 = 33

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