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33 | Patient Zero and the AIDS Hoax | AIDS is Fear Propaganda | +MH-17 Crash

Courtesy of the LA Times, let us examine this reporting on the details of Patient Zero, Michael Gottlieb, who entered the medical history books on June 5, 1981- 33-years ago this past June 5.
I MET MICHAEL, the man who became my Patient Zero, in early 1981. I was 33 years old; he was 31. He was rail thin with short, bleached-blond hair and high cheekbones. I remember him in more detail than patients I saw yesterday.
Michael had been admitted through the UCLA emergency room days earlier complaining of fever and weight loss. Quickly, a rare type of lung infection called pneumocystis blossomed on his chest X-ray.
My immediate suspicion was that he was immune deficient. Although rare, pneumocystis was known to occur in immunologic disorders. Using what was then considered new technology to test his blood, we discovered that critical cells, called "T cells," were missing.
In the weeks that followed, two more men were referred to us with virtually identical symptoms. Like Michael, each said he had always been healthy and had no past history of difficulty fighting infections, suggesting that the immune deficiency was acquired. Like Michael, each told me that he was gay. In those days, our subcultures -- white-coated medics and gay men -- were worlds apart. But that was about to change.
Then two more cases came in. At that point, my colleagues and I felt the information had to be made public. On June 5, 1981 -- 25 years ago today -- I published the details of Michael's case and four others in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It was the first description of a new disease, a date that later became known as the official onset of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
"All the above observations suggest the possibility of a cellular-immune dysfunction related to a common exposure that predisposes individuals to opportunistic infections," I wrote in that initial report. I added that the fact that all the patients were gay suggested "an association between some aspect of a homosexual lifestyle or disease acquired through sexual contact."
The story of AIDS is so 33 it is sickening.  To think, this might all be part of the military psychological operations program that is waged against us on a daily, omnipresent way.

  • AIDS = 1+9+4+19 = 33
  • Michael = 4+9+3+8+1+5+3 = 33
  • Michael was 31 years old, the Dr. was 33 years old
  • 31-33 are the ranging degrees of Freemasonry
  • The discovery was made at UCLA
  • UCL = 333
  • AIDS was associate with being "gay"
  • Gay = 7+1+25 = 33
  • Homosexual = 8+15+13+15+19+5+24+21+1+12 = 133
Isn't it all so very interesting?  To think, we have 33 vertebrae in our bodies, the magic number.  The more I research this stuff, the more I think the people, or 'beings' behind this ongoing hoax of a world we are taught to believe in, are our owners and our creators, and that is revealed through this recent language that has spread across the globe along with their "New World Order".
  • People = 7+5+6+7+3+5 = 33
  • Person = 7+5+9+1+6+5 = 33
  • Society = 1+6+3+9+5+2+7 = 33
  • Believe = 2+5+3+9+5+4+5 = 33
  • Order = 6+9+4+5+9 = 33
  • AIDS = 1+9+4+19 = 33
It is now being reported by the Guardian and other mainstream outlets that MH-17 might have had 100 or more AIDS workers on the plane when it crashed.  It is also being reported that the bodies on the plane found in the wreckage had died days before the actual plane crash itself, in other words, that means dead bodies were loaded on the plane that exploded in the sky.  Is it possible these dead bodies and this plane were the victims of the "MH-370" story?  If so, who would do such a thing?  I will tell you who.  The "33".  Let us close by looking at the Malaysian Airlines symbol, which has a coded "33" in it.  Also, let's recall that the acronym for Malaysian Airlines is MAS, or Sam in reverse.
  • MAS = 13+1+19 = 33
  • MAS airlines owns 12 of the world's 40,000 Boeing 777-Jets
  • Two of those 777s have crashed under very curious circumstances
  • Think of the odds...
Is it just me or do I see a "33"?


  1. Is there another term for these Masonic "ranging degrees" 31-33?

    Once in a year I stumble upon a term I never heard.

  2. Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

    Also, 31+32+33 = 96, the reverse of 69 and the number that represents Satanism.

  3. The link (which contained facts I did not know, like the two part apron, North and East, and the lion) gives the impression that the ranging degrees are only the three Blue Lodge degrees Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason. My dictionary says that ranging as a noun means position finding, or forwarding.

    Btw, the Cold War invention of AIDS is described in German Der Spiegel at


    I even have Spiegel's cited original print edition of the German Taz story. The main culprits were editor Arno Widmann and famous author Stefan Heym.

    1. Widmann = 5+9+4+4+1+5+5 = 33
      Taz = 20+1+26 = 47
      Stefan Heym = 1+2+5+6+1+5+8+5+7+4 = 44


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