Friday, July 25, 2014

33 | Luggage, Hotels and Why I Don't Travel Much

Growing up in the post 9/11 world has made me less inclined to travel, mostly because I do not want to support the security changes at the airport that have unjustly been made in wake of the ongoing hoax that is September 11 and the post 9/11 world.  Besides that, traveling takes major resources, from vehicles and fuels, to places to stay to hauling luggage.  Think of all the resources being wasted by people shuffling from point A to point B for no reason other than personal amusement on a daily basis.  That's why I'd rather live in a world where it wasn't even a possibility.
  • Luggage = 3+3+7+7+1+7+5 = 33
What do you know?  The Gematria of "33" isn't unique to just luggage however, it is also extremely common when it comes to Hotel names.
  • Hilton = 8+9+3+2+6+5 = 33
  • Hampton =8+1+4+7+2+6+5 = 33
Long story short, these people who run this world have created the maze you have come to know as life, from school to work to travel.  These are all things they want you to do because they serve their purpose.  Take in their education and become a know-nothing.  Work and pay their taxes while telling yourself you're not a slave.  Spend your leftover money on their companies and commodities, from Starbucks to diamonds.
  • Starbucks = 1+2+1+9+2+3+3+11+1 = 33
  • Diamond = 4+9+1+4+6+5+4 = 33
Truth be told, you can't escape this tyranny because it is the tyranny of our owners.
  • People = 7+5+6+7+3+5 = 33
  • Person = 7+5+9+1+6+5 = 33
  • Society = 1+6+3+9+5+2+7 = 33
Let us close was this thought.  Think about how much money has been made by the Airlines in the post 9/11 era on "luggage".

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