Tuesday, July 22, 2014

33 47 | The John Hopkins Secret Photograph Hoax | Women, You're Safe!

It is being reported in the mainstream press that John Hopkins is paying $190-million in damages for inappropriate pictures secretly taken by a gynecologist of his patients.  It seems to me that the entire purpose of this story is to give women one more thing to worry about- call it part of the ongoing psychological operations against us- from wars to private parts.
  • John = 10+15+8+14 = 47
  • Hopkins = 8+6+7+11+9+5+1 = 47
Let us quickly examine an except from CNN's reporting on the issue.
(CNN) -- Johns Hopkins Health System has agreed to pay $190 million to settle the case of a gynecologist who secretly photographed and recorded his patients.
The doctor committed suicide after confessing to the clandestine photos and recordings.
"We have come to an agreement that the plaintiffs' attorneys and Johns Hopkins Health System believe is fair and properly balances the concerns of thousands of plaintiffs with obligations the Health System has to provide ongoing and superior care to the community.
"It is our hope that this settlement -- and findings by law enforcement that images were not shared -- helps those affected achieve a measure of closure," Johns Hopkins said in a statement Monday.
The dollar figure of the settlement was provided by hospital spokeswoman Kim Hoppe.
If you have been following this story, you have likely seen the name Kim Hoppe several times.  She has reported everything from the details of the investigation, to the Dr.'s suicide to the most recent dollar figure of the settlement- talk about some expensive pictures.  Will the money make up for it?  Anyhow, the name Kim Hoppe is as curious as John Hopkins; also keep in mind that the numbers 33, 47 and 74 are often paired together.  Personally, I call them the trinity.
  • Kim = 11+9+13 = 33
  • Hoppe = 8+6+7+7+5 = 33
Notice how the Dr.'s name has not been given out, but it has been reported that he has committed suicide since the story broke.  It makes me wonder, when a person who doesn't exist dies, do they hold a fake funeral too?  Just as it probably isn't worth your time to consider these things, it also isn't worth your time to pay a second of attention to this phony bologna of a story.

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