Wednesday, July 23, 2014

47 | 47 Dead and 11 Injured in Taiwan Plane Crash

Six days after the July 17, 2014 MAS plane crash in Ukraine a plane is reported to have crashed in Taiwan, killing magic number 47 and injuring 11.  Please notice that in numerology 47 reduces to 11 because 4+7 = 11 and 47 is a number that routinely comes up in tragedy.  Think of Building 7 of 47-Floors on September 11, which was the third tower to collapse at free fall speed that day.  Better yet, with regards to eleven, think about the "Twin Towers" which looked like giant elevens towering over the NYC skyline.

Eyes open.  Taiwan and Ukraine, what do they have in common?  I'd say they're both a bit "testy"; Ukraine's relationship with Russia, and Taiwan's relationship with China are both "testy" if you will- at least as they are presented in the mainstream media, which these plane crashes are also reported in.

Cliff notes:  Don't trust the headlines, ever.


  1. 1. Great screenshot. CNN removed the numbers 47 and 11.

    2. I did not check if this MH17 Facebook comment, found in the web, is correct: "What are the odds Flight 17 (a 777) would be shot down on 7/17, 17 years after its first flight on the July 17th."

    3. For some reason only TPTB know, the web spiders start discussing the downed September 1, 1983 flight KAL700, where no bodies were found. A diver's statement at Wikipedia almost made me laugh: "The impression is that all of this has been dragged here by a trawl rather than falling down from the sky ..."

  2. The next magick number:

    "Algerian plane with 110 passengers disappears from radar"

  3. Stephan, you are making great contributions with your comments. I appreciate it, thank you.
    KAL700 = 11+1+12+7+0+0 = 31
    9/1/1983 = 9+1+1+9+8+3 = 31


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