Saturday, April 22, 2017

25 33 38 93 147 | In the 25th minute of Game of Death, Bruce Lee is shot by real gun in movie scene (Brandon Lee foreshadowing)

Watch Game of Death here:

Brandon Lee was reportedly killed on the set of The Crow when a stunt gun shot a real bullet, killing him.  That exact thing happens to Bruce Lee in the film 'Game of Death' (but in Bruce Lee's case, it was the story of the film he was starring in).  That said, Bruce Lee also died during the time of the filming of this movie... or did he?

You have to appreciate the film is 85-minutes.

It is likely the reason the film stars basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabar.

Notice the June 8, 1979 release date.

8/6 (86'd?)
'79 (Murder = 79)
8/6/79 = 8+6+79 = 93 (Brandon Lee buried on 93rd day of the year, in 1993)

Read about the overlaps between the deaths of Bruce and Brandon Lee here:

After Bruce Lee is shot in the scene, it shows the shooter escape out the 'back door'.

Notice the 33 Gematria of 'back door'.

Also, '147'.  Freemason = 147; Conspiracy = 147

In the film, Bruce Lee is 'Billy Lo'.

He does't really die, they decide to fake his death and put on a fake funeral, even with an open casket to dupe the audience.  Is this the ultimate predictive programming or what?

Later, it is discovered by the men trying to kill Billy Lo, he faked his death.

Porcelain head.