Sunday, April 16, 2017

33 42 44 57 66 74 107 165 213 | Steve Stephens posts multiple homicide videos on Facebook, Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 (Cleveland, Ohio)

This shooting news comes Easter Sunday.

In the video, he asks the old man he shoots to say "Joy Lane" before killing him.

Stevie Steve?  That's a lot like Jesus Christ.

Christian = 65/74

Steve Stephens, SS is the reported shooter.  I like how they made use of the 'v' and the 'ph' spellings of the name.

Cleveland = 51; LeBron James = 51; 51 wins this season
Conspiracy = 51

Consider this news comes in the time of the NBA Playoffs.

LeBron = 66; LeBron James = 66

Also, the '174'.

Number of the Beast = 174; New World Order = 174; False Flag = 174

This story is from 'Cleveland', or '33' land.

LeBron = 33; James = 33

On a Sunday.

Thirty-Three = 156

Every day, hidden Easter Eggs, only seen with Gematria.

244 pounds!

It was the Buddha meets Jesus!  6'1".  Jesus = 61; Christian = 61; Church = 61
*Take me to church = 61

The Miraculous Tweet, 1:53, or '153'.

'153' often goes with '42'.

Last point.

Notice the Gematria of 'Facebook' live shooting.  I see a 96, 102 and 213.


There's a lot of blue in the video.

The victim is wearing blue.
The shooter is wearing blue.
He even has blue dials on his car.

Here are the images of the shooting.

This next slide is after the gun is shot.

You cannot see the victim react to this shot, but it happens fast...

Then the shooter spins to his left with the recoil of the shot.

The shooter does a full 360.

When he comes back, this is the scene.

It appears there is an edit while he is spinning.  Which would lead one to conclude this is more fake news, what else?  The media wants to terrorize the Christians on Easter.

74-years-old?  On Easter?

Jesus was put on the cross at '33'.

Notice this man is 'Robert'.  Or '33'.

Robert also connects well with Sunday, and again, this is Easter Sunday news.

The name Goodwin also has Gematria of '42', like the '42' line Bibles.

The 'Scottish Rite' / Cleveland signature is also present.

Today's date has '57' numerology.

4/16/2017 = 4+16+20+17 = 57