Sunday, April 16, 2017

43 45 74 88 107 119 174 | CNN's cover of Mike Pence traveling to DMZ in South Korea, April 16, 2017 +Camp Bonifas, South Korea

Nice 11:04 update CNN.

Read about Kim Jong-un and the significance of 114:

Here is how they set the "stage", by the numbers.

DMZ?  43?  The Korean Civil War?

South Korea also had the '33' connection.

137, the 33rd prime

Notice the 'Camp' she is at.  Camp = 3+1+13+16 = 33

Keep in mind this news comes April 17, South Korea time, on the 107th day of the year.

April 17 is 17/4.

The Camp name is also right for Mike Pence and Trump, #45.

Could the scene be set any better for the made for TV propaganda?  The demilitarized zone?

Don't ever forget the phrase, "The theater of war".