Tuesday, April 18, 2017

47 59 107 119 135 | Stevie Steve (Steve Stephens), Clevealnd Facebook killer, commits suicide, April 18, 2017 reporting

*Maxine Waters is so fake:

The headline connects to 'Pi', 'death' and more...

Pi = 3.14; Twenty Two Divided by Seven = 314

He also reported died in Erie County, Pennsylvania.


This is the headline on April 18, 2017.

4/18/2017 = 4+18+20+17 = 59

The word 'suicide' also has Gematria of 47, fitting in with this Ohio, Easter Sunday, story.

The word 'suicide' also has that '119' Gematria.  How many sane people have killed themselves because of September 11, and the brain dead masses around them not getting it?

Erie County, Pennsylvania?  That connects to the shooting...

Like I said this morning, don't be surprised if they find him in Pennsylvania, the original home of the Warriors.  Again, this is connected to the NBA.

Erie County, Pennsylvania also connects to Philadelphia...

Read about Philadelphia and 135:

Consider the Warriors are originally from Philadelphia...

Today is the 108th day of the year.

It's my dad's 64th birthday today.  Happy birthday dad!  (He doesn't have a computer)

Godwin  taught them to love and fear God.  Nice.  Easter Sunday.

They got half the nation tripping.

Maggie, in Cleveland.

Maggie Green = 64; Civil Rights = 64

If you decode the two names as written, Tonya Godwin Baines and Maggie Green, you'll find overlap with '64' and '91'.