Monday, April 17, 2017

79 83 187 | Cleveland Facebook live killer update, victim now named Robert Godwin Sr., not "Goodwin"

A manhunt in 5 states?  Ha!

This morning they have changed the victim's name from Robert Goodwin, to Robert Godwin Sr.

Read about 187 and Ohio here:

His updated name has overlap with 'murder' and '187' coded into it.

'79' also connects to these words.

Champion = 79; Murder = 79; Massacre = 79; The Synagogue of Satan = 79

What a caption.

The mother's name fits into the Cleveland, '33' picture.

Maggie = 33/42
Green = 31/49

I'm sure the brown shirt is no coincidence, not in the city of the Cleveland Browns, with this being a sports related riddle.