Tuesday, April 11, 2017

44 94 144 | United's PR nightmare, April 9, 2017 +Another media distraction, by the numbers

This "public relations" story is from April 9, or 9/4.


QUESTION:  If police and security drug him off of the plane, why is it United Airlines that is getting the blame?

As for the word 'nightmare' and CNN's headline...

The date of the incident, April 9, 2017, also has '50' numerology.

4/9/2017 = 4+9+20+17 = 50

Public Relations even has a second connection to '50'.

Perhaps we need to think more about the symbolism.  An Asian man, being dragged off of a plane, at the time the President is trying to start a World War?  Pearl Harbor?  Kamikaze?

Today is also April 11, or 11/4.


The Bavarian Illuminati = 221