Tuesday, April 4, 2017

33 74 156 157 | 223-days-later, the Tony Romo retirement (August 25, 2016 to April 4, 2017)

Tony Romo was "injured" August 25, 2016, a span of 223-days from his April 4, 2017 retirement.

Antonio Ramiro Romo is Tony's birth name.

Read about the perfect alignment of Tony Romo's injury with Dak Prescott's birthday:

It's all about Dak.


Remember when Carson Wentz's 135th pass was the first intercepted, in Philadelphia.  LOL!

Today's date, April 4, 2017, connects to Tony Romo, and is a fitting point in 'time' to retire, 17-days before his 37th birthday.

4/4/2017 = 4+4+20+17 = 45

The name 'Romo' also has something to do with 'Time', the Tropics, and the Freemason compasses.

47 Degrees on the Freemason compasses.

Read about Dak Prescott and the Mississippi State ladies snapping UConn's 111-game-streak:

Today announcement is also 156-days before the start of the NFL season.

It is also a span of 22-weeks and 3-days before the start of the season.