Tuesday, April 4, 2017

44 144 147 153 223 | Khan Sheikhoun chemical weapons attack, April 4, 2017 & the Ghouta, Syria chemical weapons attack of August 21, 2013

The headline spells tragedy.

Chemical weapons attacks by the numbers, they're a Freemason pastime.  Today is April 4, the 94th day of the year.

Read about '147' and the Freemasons.

It has been 1,322 days since the August 21, 2013 chemical weapons attack in Syria.

See my work on August 21, 2017 if you have not already.  The video is below:

Also, did you catch the part of the headline, including children?

'223', a familiar number for false flags.  For clear examples, see the 2016 Belgium attack and the 2017 London attack, both false flags by the numbers.

Recently Trump said that Obama should have attacked Syria after the August 21, 2013, Ghouta, Syria "chemrical weapons attack" instead of putting it to vote.  Read about that here:

Today is 74-days since Donald Trump became President.

The attack came at the 390th minute of the day.

Now notice, today's attack has the same Gematria as Ghouta, Syria, which is the location that was supposedly attacked August 21, 2013.

Remember what '144' represents, largely 'time', and it has much to do with killing as well, all throughout history.  We're also on the one special date of the year with the '144' connection, April 4.

'44' is a military number, and this contrived story is for the ongoing military / warmonger / banker tyrant agenda.

Today's date also connects to Holy Bible, like Ghouta, Syria, where the August 21, 2013 attack happened.

Today's date also has numerology connecting to Holy Bible.

4/4/2017 = 4+4+20+17 = 45

Again, a "sarin gas attack" is what is being accused.

When the 2013 attack happened, it was just weeks before I discovered Gematria, and it was largely because of that news story that I discovered Gematria.  It made me start reading the Bible, something I hadn't done since I was a child.  Why?  Because there is a prophecy about the destruction of Damascus in Syria, and despite the attack being in Ghouta, the media carried it as the Damascus Chemical Weapons attack.


In 2013, you might recall a big focus of the story was the disparity in death toll reporting, with ranges from 30 dead, to thousands dead.  That was a major sign something was wrong with the Damacus story.  How could various reporting be so wildly different?

Notice it begins by saying 58 to 67 dead...

But then it gets more like 2013...

Remember, Bashar al Assad was born September 11, 1965, Syria's leader.

From his 51st birthday in 2016 to today is 205-days, or a span of 206.  Israel = 205
To his upcoming 52nd birthday is 160-days, or a span of 161-days.  September 11, 2017 is also 22-weeks and 6-weeks from today, or a span of 23-weeks.

167-seconds, for the man from Arizona.  Arizona = 39 (167, the 39th prime)

John McCain, a warmonger that needs to be 86'd in a bad way.


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