Wednesday, April 5, 2017

44 47 1881 | Tristan Thompson's 447-consecutive games played streak comes to an end, 1,881-days later

First, he is missing games against the Celtics and Hawks, who were used in the riddle for the Warriors and Cavs last year.

Notice, the day the streak began was a date with '44' numerology.  The last game in the streak was played April 4, 2017, in the Cavs 47th season.

2/10/2012 = 2+10+20+12 = 44

That was a span of 1881-days.

The last game in the streak came 22-days after his 26th birthday, or a span of 23-days.

The box score of his 447th straight game is as follows:

I am stumped on what this riddle might be, unless somehow, someway, it connects to the assassination of President Garfield, in 1881, who was from Ohio...