Tuesday, September 26, 2017

45 52 404 | Puerto Rico airport, only 10 flights per day due to Hurricane Maria, September 26, reporting +Trump tweets prove goal to divide

179, 41st prime
199, 46th prime

404 reverses in 'Revelation'.

We covered the 'apocalyptic', 'apocalypse', 'revelation' connection last night in regards to Peurto Rico.


"Trump's tweets worsen the divide".  This takes me back to my 2016 video on why he probably would be the next President, as ridiculous as it was.  It was so easy to see.  He was the accelerant on the media's purposeful stupidity programming and everything else.


Is it his goal though?  He is just the puppet, willing to play the part.

As for today's date, it connects to Trump and the Presidency.

9/26/2017 = 9+26+(2+0+1+7) = 45
9/26/17 = 9+26+17 = 52

#45, President = 52; White House = 52; Government = 52; Authority = 52

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