Wednesday, September 27, 2017

42 48 51 52 93 105 131 165 239 | Justin Timberlake to performer in Super Bowl 52, announced 239-days after his birthday


Ths comes 239-days after Timberlake's birthday, on September 27, the Jesuit Order's birthday.

239 is the 52nd prime; Super Bowl 52 performance (Minnesota = 52)

Super Bowl = 131; 131, the 32nd prime; NFL = 32; America = 32; 32 teams

It's also a span of 131-days to the Super Bowl, February 4, 2017.

The name Justin sums to 93, same as Minneapolis, Minnesota = 93 (On 93rd Meridian)

The name Timberlake sums to 42, the Super Bowl is on February 4, 2018, or 4/2.

Jesuit = 42; Freemason = 42; This news comes on the Jesuit Order's birthday

Check out this gematria decode from one of the people who follows my work and leaves comments that I'm a shill.

At least you learned gematria from me, but common sense is something I can't teach.

Let me also chime in on 'Nipplegate', one of the stupidest stories in the history of the world.  Remember, it was the thing that no one saw until after it was talked about after the Super Bowl was over, on endless repeat, like nothing else mattered in the world.

Freemason = 51 / 48
Conspiracy = 51
Propaganda = 48
Zionism = 105; Masonry = 105
Scottish Rite = 165

Super Bowl 52 will be the 48th Super Bowl of the modern era.

One wonders if Janet Jackson will be in attendance, just for another layer of mockery.

Don't forget that last year the entire Super Bowl 51 was synched to Lady Gaga and her birthday.  See past blog work.

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