Friday, September 29, 2017

20 25 47 61 | The word time, the letter "t" and the undeniable significance of gematria in regards to the "mathematics of time"

T is the 20th letter.  The t is a cross.

Time begins with the letter t.

Throughout history, the cross has been used to represent the four seasons of time.

Seasons also has gematria of 97, the 25th prime.

Notice time also sums to 25.

Think about quarters, 1/4, or 25%.

Remember, the tropics that measure the solstices (time), are 47 degrees apart.

47 is also the 15th prime number; O is the 15th letter, a circle, like time.

The divisors of 4 sum to 7.  7 is the 4th prime number.

61 is the 18th prime.

6+6+6 = 18

The tilt of the earth, which impacts the way we experience time, is said to be 23.4, leaving us 66.6 degrees off center.

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