Monday, September 25, 2017

25 45 99 168 420 | North Korea accuses Trump of declaring war, September 25, 2017 +Tom Brady calls Trump's NFL remarks divisive

Notice the use of the word 'may' in the subheadline.  That's the sure sign of BULLSHIT.

420?  Yea, it's about that time already....

The last two CNN headlines have coded 168 about this story as well.

New York City = 168

And then look, uncle Tom Brady is in the news too, for the Trump vs NFL storyline, by the numbers.

The emphasis is on 'divisive', which is why I explained Trump made the most sense as #45, February of 2016.  Remember when the light bulb turned on?

Notice the overlap with 45 and 99.

Trump, #45.  Remember when I said the Patriots would win the Super Bowl on 2/5 because it was all about Trump?  Trump = 25; Falcons = 25

On a related note, 'declare war' sums to 45.

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