Saturday, September 23, 2017

113 | Gematria dismissed at 9/11 truth "Let's Roll" forums?

First of all, thank you to the person spreading this knowledge at the 9/11 Let's Roll forums.

Second, it is sad to see that the people there don't even take the time to consider what the person has posted.  That said, consider information overload, the poster might have gone overboard.  What the person put up, with just the first post, should have been persuasive enough.  They could have covered the 119 connection to 'Springfield' of the Simpson's, plus the writer of the show, but even without it was great.

Third, I just want to emphasize again, how sad it is that at a 9/11 truth forum, gematria is dismissed.

Or perhaps it is because it is really just another controlled opposition, which seems to be all that is mostly out here.

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