Saturday, September 30, 2017

44 52 205 929 | Westbrook signs $205m contract, September 29, 2017, Kevin Durant's birthday, eve of Yom Kippur

On Kevin Duran'ts birthday, his former teammate, who will likely be in the coming NBA Finals, signed his fake dollar figure contract, for $205m.

Remember, 929 chapters in the Old Testament, what the kikes go by.  And last year Kevin Durant was signed by the Warriors on the Fourth of July....

Jewish = 74; Holiday = 74; Independence Day = 74; Free = 74
*In the U.S. you're free to pracice Kikeism

Don't forget September 29 leaves 93-days left in the year.

Saturn = 93; Oracle Arena = 93

Now let's take a moment to look at some "handsome" kikes.

Nice smiles, for demons.

As for that $205 million, that's a kike favorite.

And don't tell me the word kike is racist.  It means circle, and these people couldn't be anymore circular.  To call them anything but kike would be to ignore the reality of the matter.

Westbrook signed this contract 44-days before his birthday.

Israel = 44; Zion = 44; Netanyahu = 44; Grand = 44

Kabbalah = 52; Tree of Life = 52

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