Wednesday, September 27, 2017

58 58 59 74 223 | Kyrie Irving 'spun the world' with flat earth last NBA season, The Boston Globe, September 27, 2017

Notice the emphasis on 'spun the world'.  This is a September 27, 2017 headline.

Boston is Catholic town, today is the Jesuit Order's birthday and the Jesuits run pro basketball as well as the collegiate.  *Boston = 22; Basketball = 22

Think about the history of the spherical earth.

As I've been saying all this time, the whole flat earth psyop is clearly masonic, and we know where their heart is, the Vatican and Jerusalem.  They have two.  The Knights Templar went from Jerusalem to the Catholic Empire once.

Zodiac = 58; Gregorian = 58; Calendar = 58
*Francis = 58; Secret Society = 58

Remember, the whole thing was a masonic joke.

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