Tuesday, September 26, 2017

26 44 59 93 101 | Death of Otis Redding, at 26, Wisconsin plane crash, December 10, 1967


His full name sums to 101, the 26th prime.  Kill = 26 / 44; Wisconsin = 44

Otis died on his 93rd day of being 26-years old.  Saturn = 93

I've looked at the first 3 memebers of the "26  club", and all of thier deaths are connected to 93, go figure.... Saturn, 93, the keeper of time.  The other two are Nick Drak and Gram Parsons, who died in '74 and '73 respectively.

Nick Drake:
Gram Parsons:

Notice Otis was killed in '67.  Blood Sacrifice = 67; Killer = 67; Soul = 67

Otis, my favorite, most soulful voice, ever.  Then Sam.  Then Marvin.  Then the white boy, Chris Cornell.  "No more run for free".


9/9/41 = 9+9+41 = 59 (Negro) (Slave) (Blues) (Motown came out in '59)

He died in a plane crash in Wisconsin like how Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a helicopter crash in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin = 44

"A change is gonna come".  Sam and Otis.

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