Saturday, September 30, 2017

Donald Trump the racist purposefully mocks the people of Puerto Rico targeted by weather warfare (Jewish supremacism)


613, the 112th prime.  Donald = 112
251, the 54th prime.  Love = 54 (Where is the love?)
226... 93... Maria = 93; Name of Puerto Rico's Mayor = 93

It isn't a hard narrative to see through.  This is the same Donald Trump who once said, "The Mexicans are doing the raping" and began his Presidential campaign as a typical right wing anti-Latino loser.  Now here he is making nonsensical statements about the people of Puerto Rico (mostly Latin) who were purposefully targeted by a coordinated military attack.

It isn't legal to threaten a President, but when his term is up, and he isn't the President, this is a guy who needs to have his head kicked off like a soccer ball.  Same with every person who voted for him, a choice that deserves worse than death.  Stupid people are a plague, and when you don't kill the plague, it spreads.  Take a look around.  There's a war going on, with no one fighting against the opposition.

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