Thursday, September 28, 2017

33 52 84 111 137 187 213 | Richard Hack, being interview about Howard Hughes, September 11, 2001 as "the news broke"


This is from minutes before the "first plane" hits the world trade center, Matt Lauer interviewing "Richard Hack", about Howard Hughes, the man remembered for planes and flight.  I'm sure this bullshit book and interview contrived for this very contrived moment in history, was a "New York Times Bestseller".

Scottish Rite = 57
Masonry = 84; Zionism = 84; Jesuit = 84; United States of America = 84
Death = 213

Authority = 52; Government = 52; Kabbalah = 52
Kabbalah = 137 *Hebrew; 137, the 33rd prime; False Flag = 33

Of course, Matt Lauer is a major Jew.

Matt Lauer was 111-days from his 44th birthday.

New York = 111; Matt Lauer = 111
September 11, the day that leaves 111-days left in the year

$28m a year, to the kike liar.  Now go along slaves, go make your slave wage and pay your taxes.

*If you watch the link, at around 6:50 she explains how she thought a bomb went off, not a plane.

Remember, all the initial reporting on 9/11 was a bomb went off, not a plane.  Watch the film September Clues.

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