Monday, April 3, 2017

155 156 | NCAA Men's 2017 Basketball Championship, April 3, 2017, UNC vs Gonzaga +155.5 over / under

Notice the over / under is at 155.5.  There are two things that stand out about this number in light of the narratives for the two schools, Gonzaga and UNC.

Consider that Gonzaga is a Jesuit / Catholic School, associated with the Christian religion.

Consider also that UNC could earn their 33rd win, on the 33rd parallel, in 'Glendale', in the 33rd year of the March Madness tournament, as it has been known since 1985.  Glendale = 33

*If Gonzaga won tonight, they would earn their 38th win over UNC, who they have lost to once in the Men's Tournament before.

UNC = 21+14+3 = 38