Friday, April 7, 2017

41 51 61 114 | LeBron James and Cavs lose to Atlanta Hawks, 61-days after Super Bowl 51, April 7, 2017

The Hawks got their 41st win against LeBron James, 'King' James, with '114' points.

Today marks 61-days, or 8-weeks and 5-days since the Atlanta Falcons lost in Super Bowl 51.  Notice the Cavs are stuck on 51-wins.  The Super Bowl was February 5, 2017.

Remember the other significance of 85.

Interstate 85 just burned.

National Football League = 85; Atlanta, Georgia = 85

Did you know that the next Easter Conference Finals Championship win will be #23?  That is if you count since 1970-71, when the NBA was divided into two conferences.

King = 23; LeBron is #23

Again, this is the 71st season of the NBA, and Ohio is the 17th State.  NBA = 17