Saturday, April 15, 2017

42 47 54 59 64 105 125 131 | Jackie Robinson Day, his death and the death of his son +Masonry & Zionism in pro sports

Again, it was the 1947 season that Jackie Robinson was called up to the white major leagues.  There are 47 degrees on the Freemason compass.

April 15 is also the 105th day of the year.

Masonry & Zionism also connect to '42'.

Jackie wasn't his birth name.

The day he joined the MLB was a fitting date to end 'segregation'.

4/15/47 = 4+15+47 = 66

It was also a date connecting to 'Brooklyn Dodgers' and 'Jackie Robinson Day'.

4/15/1947 = 4+15+19+47 = 85

His name also connects to Civil Rights.  Consider the Civil Rights act would take place in '64.

Obama would be elected the 44th President, 44-year after the Act.

Notice he was also born Jack Robinson, January 31, or 1/31.

His name also has Gematria of '59.  Black History Month ends on the 59th day.  Motown Records came out in '59.

His date of death, at age 53, connects to his full name, Jack Roosevelt Robinson.

10/24/1972 = 10+24+19+72 = 125

'125' connects to '223', the reflection of '322', associated with Yale and Skull and Bones.  Look at where his wife went to school, Yale.

He would be buried in Brooklyn, New York.

Masonic = 223; The Synagogue of Satan = 223

The date he died also connects to 'Racial Segregation'.

10/24/72 = 10+24+72 = 106

His place of death also has 72 Gematria, like the year he died in.  MLB = 27

72 also connects to 'Dodgers', the team he played his career with.

And it connects to his cause of death.

North Stamford, Connecticut even connects to 'death'.

Prior to his death, was the death of his son.

Notice the date of his passing, June 17, 1971.  What is now the date of the Charleston Church shooting.  Rodney King was also killed at age 47 on this date.

6/17/1971 = 6+17+19+71 = 113 (Mainstream) (Dishonest) (Perjury)

Jackie would die 1-year, 4-months and 7-days after his son.

Notice Jackie died 9-days after attending the World Series in the year of his death.

'9' has the connection to '42'.

Again, he would be buried in Brooklyn, New York, or '223' land.

The name 'Brooklyn' also has connection to the name 'Jackie Robinson Day'.

What's the message to receive?

Last, he would die 99-days short of his 54th birthday, the significant baseball number.

54 = 5+4 = 9

Baseball, a Game of 9s.

162 = 1+6+2 = 9

*99 days before his 54th birthday....