Thursday, April 20, 2017

47 56 75 110 114 139 187 | Paris, France shooting ahead of election, April 20, 2017, an Adolf Hitler tribute

The headline screams conspiracy and more.

Conspiracy = 123

Today is April 20, 2017, Adolf Hitler's birthday.  Notice this has to do with an 'election'.  April 20, the 110th day of the year, has much to do with 'President'.

If Hitler were alive today, he would be 128-years old.  Notice the birthday of Francois Hollande, born August 12, 2017, or 12/8.

From today until his upcoming 63rd birthday is 114-days...

Read about 187 and Washington D.C.:

Read about Washington D.C. and 187:

There's also the '110' connection.

Recall how 'President' and 'France' share Gematria.

France has the French Republican Calendar.

Hitler has Mein Kampf.

Today it is the death of a Policeman.

Today's date also connects to Hitler.

4/20/2017 = 4+20+20+17 = 61

April is also right for Paris and a Hitler tribute.  Remember, Hitler, like Lincoln, reportedly died in April at age 56.

Today marks 56-days until the anniversary of Hilter taking Paris...  that was June 14, 1940, or what is known as "Flag Day" in the United States of America.  That is also Trump's birthday.

President = 56; Washington D.C. = 56; Society of Jesus = 56

Policeman = 88; Mein Kampf = 88; Trump = 88; HH = 88

Notice the name of the officer, Yvan Assioma.

In France, it is a crime to speak against Jewish tyranny.

Today is also precisely 75-weeks since the Friday, November 13, 2015, Paris ISIS terror hoax.