Sunday, April 23, 2017

48 55 84 119 223 232 | Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, little Satan, for the Synagogue of Satan +Zionist agent exposed

Remember the day Mark Zuckerberg's hoodie was exposed, and inside was a secret symbol, with the Star of David in the middle?  That secret symbol is as follows.

Mark Zuckerberg has the same date of birth as Zionist Israel, where the nation's Independence Day is May 14.

Notice Zuckerberg was born in '84, and Israel was recognized in '48.

Remember, the false Jews are The Synagogue of Satan.

That's not all.

Never forget, Israel was recognized with a 33 member vote by the U.N., on the 333rd day of 1947, November 29.

47 is a number that corresponds with 'beast'.

666, Number of the Beast