Saturday, March 16, 2019

88 101 134 149 202 | Brenton Harris Tarrant, the March 15, 2019 Christchurch mosque shooter

The shooter's name sums to 134.

As you know, we're watching for a mosque attack on Tisha B'Av, August 10-11, 2019.

ALSO, Ninth of Av connects to 'Beware the Ides of March' and 'shooting'.

The last shooting in New Zealand was the Aramoana Massacre, November 13, 1990.

 From the March 15 attack to the date of August 11, 2019, is 149-days later.

149, the 35th prime; Satan = 35; Baphomet = 35; *Catholic = 35

Recall this seen at 1-hour 49-minutes in Enemy of the State:

And recall, our focus on August 11 began with the stories about the 'red heifer' and the rampant '202' encoding in headlines connected to that story:

 More on his name gematria is as follows:

As you examine, notice the name Brenton carries a gematria of 88.  This is important because the headlines associated him with Trump and the white nationalist movement.   

Trump = 88; Mein Kampf = 88

Also, in light of the 14s on his gun, read about the number 1488 in regards to the white nationalist movement here:

253, the 22nd triangular number
Murder = 34 / 38
Ides of March = 101; Mosque address was 101; His manifesto name sums to 101...

Read more about 101 in the ritual here:


  1. "New World Order"=1488(English Ext.)

  2. 87 pages??? it was 74!!!

    1. Right like... Did they miscount the first time?

      The truest thing that Zach says on a regular basis is "if you know the code, you can see right through it"


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