Sunday, April 28, 2019

17 28 38 44 46 64 73 118 | Braziliam model Tales Soares drops dead on the catwalk during Sao Paulo fashion week, April 28, 2019 news

This news is circulating April 28, the 118th day of the year.

Catwalk also has gematria of 46, like sacrifice.

And 17, like kill.

And 71, like the date numerology.

4/28/2019 = 4+28+20+19 = 71

His name, Tales Soares, was fateful, having connections to 163, 73 and 38.

His other name, Tales Cotta, was also fateful.

This news is making the rounds April 28, the 118th day of the year.  Death = 118

This happened in Sao Paulo.


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  2. "Poisoning" = 118 eo, 55 red, 44 rr ... We can assume he didn't have rabies, & there's no mention of seizures, so that leaves overdose/poisoning as the likely cause for him to have been --
    "Foaming At The Mouth" = 83 rr
    "Heroin" = 69 eo, 42 red, 93 ro ... This has long been a favored drug of assassins because it metabolizes so quickly that when forensic tests are done, finding even traces of it is rare. (When "heroin" is cited as the cause of death, it's based on needle punctures or knowledge of prior drug use. In people with no known connection to the drug, the cause of death is usually attributed to a heart problem or allergic reaction.) :D ;D

  3. Poisoned equalso 38 and 119


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