Tuesday, April 30, 2019

47 67 74 93 118 133 | Gino Marchetti, ex-Colt, dead at 93, April 29, 2019 +47-years after Hall of Fame induction

He became part of the NFL Hall of Fame, in Ohio, 47-years ago, 1972.

He played for the Colts in Baltimore, Maryland.

Time = 47; Saturn = 93 (Saturn, the keeper of time)

His name sums to 74, the reflection of 47.

He died April 29, 2019, a date with 72 numerology.

4/29/2019 = 4+29+20+19 = 72


This man died on his 118th day of his age.

Keep in mind the Colts 67th season is upcoming.

 His death is a span of 133-days from the Colts' season opener, September 8, 2019.

From the news, April 30, to the Super Bowl, is 9-months and 3-days.


  1. Pats reign is done basically and the chiefs without hill are nothing. Colts are one of the favorites apparently and they are pushing lamar to the forefront. Indy/bmore afc chip? The minute i saw he died at 93 was like really lol

    1. He went to USF, I doubt it has much to do with Colts.it doesn't have to be for the immediate season. It's about SF and California.


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