Thursday, April 25, 2019

39 84 86 93 105 167 | Kyler Murray, the #1 prospect, and Arizona Cardinals with the #1 pick in Nashville, April 25, 2009

Arizona has the #1 pick in Nashville.

From the day of the draft to Murray's upcoming 22nd birthday, is a span of 105-days.

The Oakland Raiders have 3 picks in the first round:  4, 24 and 27.

93, the reflection of 39.

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This will be the 84th NFL Draft.

#1, to go #1.


  1. betting on them wahington redksins to do something wild. Remember they cut down the cherry trees to make way for the draft stage

    1. I got the skins going to the super bowl this year...redskins = they might make a move for a qb obviously

  2. lol the redskins again? lmao every year zach pick either the colts or redskins.

  3. The entire fucking planet has Murray going number1

    It’s 2019 ... he was drafted 9th in MLB and 1st possibly tonight ...

    Where does Rosen go? How about Troy Aikman
    Played at OU and UCLA ..

    Notice DAK #4 cowboys is doing the draft commercial for Kyler #1

    41 like Bush ...

  4. The raiders #24 lynch retiring
    The Raiders pick 24th tonight
    Will it be a RB?

  5. Bill belichick won the super bowl on 2/3
    Tonight in his hometown of Nashville he has
    The 32nd pick for going #1
    One of the McCourty twins wears #32
    His twin brother Jason McCourty was the 203rd pick
    They were born in 87
    Gronk #87 retiring played at Arizona
    Arizona has the #1 pick
    Coach of Cardinals from Texas tech
    Texas tech lost to Virginia (orange)
    Clemson (orange) beat Alabama
    Belichik was at Alabama pro day
    Scoring irv Smith Jr #82
    His father played in New Orleans
    Notice #23 rams pass interference on #11 saints
    Notice The saints coach wore the goodell clown shirt
    Notice the Patriots wore the goodell clown shirts when
    They won the super bowl vs Falcons

    Super Bowl 54 the 11th played in Miami
    #11 was the mvp of super bowl 53

    Notice saints won Super Bowl 44 in Miami
    Vs former Tennessee great Peyton Manning

    Notice the dolphins have patriots coach from
    “ Kings County “ Brooklyn

    The King is ELVIS =32
    The other king is Lebron #23
    The goat is MJ from UNC / Brooklyn NY
    The Tarheels are landing the #1 recruit
    Born on 5/15 2000 COLE ANTHONY


    Watch the simpsons 5:15 rapture

    1. John bosa 19(87) 😁

      Dolphins ... tied to the manning family

  6. (K)liff (K)ingsbury

    (K)yler Murray replacing the JEW Rosen 😁😁😁

    Catch up Zachary Greenblatt 👃🏻


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