Tuesday, April 30, 2019

59 89 154 | The 'Spirit of Earl Woods', April 30, 2019 news about Tiger, Rory McIlroy & the Grand Slam


Spirt of Earl Woods?

This story comes on the 30th of the month.

The last Grand Slam was in 1930, emphasis on '30.

That was 89-years-ago.

And never forget ELMO MCELROY.


There's a few more things about Samuel L. Jackson, his character Elmo McElroy, and this potential Grand Slam...

 From July 21, "the date", to Jackson's 71st birthday, is a span of 154-days.

Tiger Woods trails one golfer in majors, and that is Samuel Jackson Snead, who died at age 89.


From anniversary of the death of Sam Snead, to July 21, 2019, "the date", is 59-days.

Don't forget, Earl Woods died 59-days after his birthday.


  1. Zack defines world class. Thanks it seems tigers gonna win the grand slam for sure. Then I was thinking he takes the record at the 2020 masters for another 22��

  2. 3/4 not bad 84 tie ok. just dennys for tiger


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