Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Environmenetal Working Group says chemicals in California tap water could be causing cancer, April 30, 2019 news

Below the top distractions is this story.


What's true in California, is no doubt true elsewhere.

Keep in mind today is the 120th day of the year.   Illuminati = 120


  1. "Cancer" = 118 ro, 44 eo
    The overarching message is: "Clean Water Is Scarce" = 118 rr
    "Fifteen Thousand Five Hundred Cases" = 330 eo
    It specifically states that the 15,500 cases occur over the "Course Of A Lifetime", which literally means the span of an average life -- currently estimated at 71.5 years.
    15,500 cases occuring over the span of 71.5 years =
    15,500 ÷ 71.5 = 216.78321678321 -- an average of 216/217 cases a year.
    ** But ... This Is What's Far MORE INTERESTING:
    See how that SUM CONTINUALLY REPEATS ITSELF ... 21 678321 678321
    Now what are the odds of randomly suggesting an equation that would produce such a "Unique Result"? Is this why they CHOSE 15,500 as their --
    "Estimated Number Of People" = 119 rr
    "Carcinogenic Tap Water" = 119 rr
    "Carcinogenic" = 101 eo, 223 ro
    "Cancer Risk" = 101 eo, 47 red
    "Estimated" = 96 eo, 33 red
    And just think, in the Zodiac, Cancer Is The First Water Sign ...
    :D ;D

  2. Replies
    1. Yes & no. The tainted water is a Fact, & it's really making people sick. But they scaled the numbers of those affected WAY down, & left the false impression that "scientific experts" are looking into it -- which in turn implies that something will be done ... ie. "Be afraid, but there's no need to act -- we'll be handling this." Then the story goes away & those responsible continue to evade scrutiny.
      That's the way I see it, anyway. The article certainly avoided mentioning anything about How this happened, What led to the water being contaminated, Who was responsible or even Who might fix it. According to the full article, they won't even say which areas are at greatest risk.
      This report is simply advocating "Further Research" -- which is bureaucratic-speak for Kicking The Can Down The Road, & giving the offenders a (seemingly) plausible excuse to delay taking action. :D ;D


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