Monday, April 29, 2019

52 64 72 91 113 114 119 | Confusion about John Singleton's status before his reported death, April 29, 2019 +Boyz n the Hood director connection, the 91st Oscars, Spike Lee & 1964 Civil Rights Act

Today is the 119th day of the year and their is confusion about the status of John Singleton, is he alive or is head dead?  As (A = 1; S = 19) (As = Arsenic)

Read about the stroke he suffered April 17, 2019:

Update:  They're now confirming he has died, 12-days after his April 17 stroke.

He has died 113-days after his birthday.  Scottish = 113

He has also died on his 114th day of his age.   Hollywood = 114

Today's date has 52 numerology.

4/29/19 = 4+29+19 = 52

Today's date also has 72 numerology, and Boyz n the Hood released July 2, 1991, a date with 119 numerology.

4/29/2019 = 4+29+20+19 = 72

7/2/1991 = 7+2+19+91 = 119 (Dead on 119th day of the year)a

He has died 64-days before the 28-year anniversary of the film.

Remember, Obama was elected #44, 44-years after the Civil Rights Act, of '64.

Keep in mind the Civil Rights Act was signed July 2, 1947, 27-years before Boyz n the Hood released in theaters.

ALSO noteeworthy, this comes 64-days after Spike Lee became the first black director to win an Oscar, February 24, 2019.

That means the collapse on April 17 was 52-days after the award.  Director = 52

In light of Boyz n the Hood coming out in '91, recall the 91 ritual with Spike Lee winning at the 91st Oscars:


  1. I'm quite interested in all this.Important to see connections monetarily too, I think.

  2. Hey Zach! I also saw that the "dirty cop" from Boyz n the Hood, Jessie Lawrence Ferguson died Saturday.

  3. It's crazy he died on the 27th anniversary of the L.A. Riots.

  4. He has nipsey ties as well!


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