Monday, April 29, 2019

26 52 119 205 | Federal Government says they have thwarted a terrorist plot in Los Angeles, April 29, 2019, the 119th day of the year

Today is the 119th day of the year.... hello September 11...

And today has 52 date numerology.

4/29/19 = 4+29+19 = 52

Remember, the original definition of terrorism, is government by intimidation.

Update:  They've now named the suspect.

He is 26-years-old.

He is former military.  Again.

The name Mark Steven Domingo sums to 205, like 'all seeing eye', which also sums to 119.

Again, today is the 119th day of the year.


  1. @ Zack
    London marathon ended on the 26th mile at ST JAMES park
    The OKC bomber Timothy JAMES mcveigh dead in 2001 @ age 33
    Lebron JAMES missed the playoffs
    Whitey Bulger caught in Santa Monica first name is JAMES Joseph
    The Feds caught 26 year old plotting to blow up Santa Monica
    JAMES harden wants a fair game called by refs
    Idris Elba is rumored to be the first black JAMES bond and in fast & furious 9
    JAMES comey FBI director stands 6'8 like Lebron
    Jeopardy current champion JAMES holzhauer won his 18th game by $18
    JAMES was Jesus brother died at 62 God=26
    JAMES Washington drafted by steelers round 2 pick #60 😝

    The first TD of Super Bowl 52 scored by #26
    The AFC won its 26th Super Bowl
    Patriots sat JAMES white in favor of 26 Sonny Michelle
    JAMES scored 3 TD's in Super bowl 51 and Brady gave him the MVP car.

    Jordan father JAMES was killed while sleeping in his car on July (23) age 56 born
    July 31st 1936 his middle name RAYMOND like Lebron

    Jordan is currently 56 ! He was the 3rd pick in round 1 by Portland ( think Blazers game winner)

    The Super Bowl score 13-3 ...... On 2/3 !

    Crying Jordan Meme ....... MJ better watch his ass!

    The #1 player in the country Cole AnthoNY going to UNC
    His dad Knicks Greg Anthony played in VEGAS

    The terrorist in Santa Monica said " we need another route 91 shooting"

    Jordan won first title in 91

    Father's Day and NBA finals would be great to see MJ R.I.P ! If not on 9/1 think Jew holiday 2018 .... Think the worm #91

    Think the Hoax empire 2 guys 2 guys killed MJ dad

    I could easily be wrong but seems right .... 17!!!! MJ born on 2/17

  2. Jordan stated Tiger woods had the best COMEBACK of all time

    Jordan was known as the comback King !..... His comeback after his first retirement
    Was the best comeback of all time. Jordan has TWINS just like Jay Z.
    Tiger woods 14 year layoff , 41 year old tom Brady the goat sum 55!

    Jordan dropped 55 on the Knicks during his comeback in his 5th game back
    Wearing #45

    Super Bowl 24 .... Montana 5 TD's 55pts but notice they missed the extra point in the first qtr and thus 13pts .... 1/28/1990 .....

    Remember 216 all in Cleveland comeback 3-1

    Jordan's weight 216lbs

    Jordan won 3 rings then 1st retirement then 3 rings 2nd retirement

    Super Bowl 54 the 11th in Miami .... Phil Jackson 13 rings 3 teams

    The Dolphins undefeated 1972 season MVP #13 Safety SCOTT
    The Dolphins just got #3 Rosen last years 1st round pick of Arizona
    They were rumored to trade the 13th pick for him but did not.

    Cuban missile crisis was 13 days

    Marino #13 was humiliated by Jacksonville who scored 62pts vs the Dolphins in Marinos last game 55 point loss !

    What you got Zack ?? Tic tock tick toc

    1. All that being said...can a brother get some picks and make some bread?


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