Friday, April 26, 2019

48 55 145 | Tyreek Hill pulled from Kansas City chiefs after tape emerges of him abusing his child, April 25, 2019

Looks like Kareem Hunt story 2.0.

Read about Kareem Hunt here:

This news broke Thursday, the same day his QB, Patrick Mahomes, was made the cover athlete of Madden 2020.  April 25 is the 115th day of the year.  Mahomes = 115

Read more about the Madden cover here:

 Thursday, April 25, was 145-days before Mahome's birthday.

The news came 55-days after Tyreek Hill's birthday as well.

Notice, the 25-year-old was busted on the 25th...

ALSO important, the date of this news has 48 date numerology.

The story is about child abuse.

4/25/19 = 4+25+19 = 48

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