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119 | YouTube gives strike for decode on names of "Poway victims", April 29, 2019

This was my video covering this content:


  1. Censorship. Critical Theory destroys...

  2. "Poway" = 80 eo, 26 red, *55 ro, *19 rr
    "JDL" = .. 8 red, 26 eo, *55 ro, *19 rr ... "ADL" = 8 red, *19 rr
    JDL = "Jewish Defense League" = 183 eo, 84 red, *330 ro, *96 rr
    ADL = "Anti Defamation League" = 183 eo, 84 red, 357 ro, 114 rr
    The JDL's stated goal is to "Protect Jews ... By Whatever Means Necessary" ... specifically "In This Dangerous World" ... & their motto is: "Never Again" = *96 ro
    Media seldom mentions them -- because they are the architects of numerous terrorist acts, are closely aligned with the powerful Unseen Hand of -- "B'nai B'rith = 83 eo ... & are protected by their public mouthpiece -- the ADL. They are layers of the same group. Jews who do not follow their hard-right policies are often targeted as well. Our media never covered how JDL henchmen severely beat a Palestinian man at an AIPAC conference in March 2017.
    The JDL targeted your info -- the ADL made it happen ... YouTube has openly admitted to following ADL "recommendations". ... this site opens with a call for All Jews to get their concealed carry gun permits immediately ... :D ;D

    are adept at "Transferring Blame" =

    1. "Transferring Blame" = 83 red ... B'nai B'rith = 83 eo
      B'nai B'rith is headquartered in Washington DC, & weilds a very strong hand in ALL aspects of American government & life. :D ;D

    2. "Transferring Blame" = 106 rr ... "Catskills" = 106 eo
      The JDL openly brags about operating "Radical Training Camps In The Catskills" = 222 rr ... recall the strange news about the probable "Catwalk Murder" = 84 rr ... & that JDL & ADL are both 84 red.
      A lot of supposition here, but might the "Tale" of the fallen model be a radical JDL student's A+ in --
      "How To Covertly Commit Murder" = *322 ro, 353 eo
      "Murder" = 83 ro, 38 rr ... "Death" = 38 eo
      "B'nai B'rith = 83 eo ... "Transferring Blame" = 83 red
      These training camps are very real -- yet the media preaches fear about radical Islamic camps, & Never mentions the JDL camps ... :D ;D

    3. Excellent comments Mfsyy! Great info and so true. Your model theory is interesting too. My thoughts with some of these hoaxes is that it's some sort of "initiation" for an individual in one of these secret societies. Depending on what you are able to "pull off" shows the levels you control and the next level up.

    4. Your theory regarding "murder" as an initiation/entry would definitely be a next level up in their club.

    5. Thanks for the feedback Wendy -- I agree that many of these events are probably akin to a thesis provided for graduate school. I'll have to find it again, but I recall reading about such a program after a Jewish Center shooting in OK -- or was it Kansas City, in MO (?). One of the "victim's" mother was in city gov & was currently in the program (which I found out while looking deeper into info about her). If I find that again, I'll post it here. :D ;D

    6. Wendy -- it was the 4/13/14 "Overland Park shooting" at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas City. Mindy Corporon (supposedly) lost her father, 69 year old Dr. William Lewis Corporon, & her 14 year old son -- "Reat Griffin Lloyd Underwood (Losen)" -- 5 names that all sound like surnames -- hmm.
      The boy's father -- "Gary Underwood" -- remains a mystery even 4 years later ... though I did find this unusual Legacy page citing a Gary M. Underwood of nearby Jefferson City, whose death was "featured in NewsTribune on **3/22**/06". Nothing else can be found on this "death" (anywhere), but there is a Gary M. Underwood listed with the First Responders Assoc -- in JOHNSON City, Vermont -- who works in law enforcement, fire protection, dispatch & more (busy guy -- unless he means he can fill whatever "role" he's needed for?). I mention this because the Overland Park shooting occurred in JOHNSON County.

      Maybe that's all just high-strangeness, but I do remember there was "something" unusual about Mindy & her career in Corporate Wealth Mgmt -- as well as her oddly chipper & quick-to-forgive demeanor towards the "white supremacist shooter".
      Reat's Legacy page obituary says, "Something Good Will Come From This." Strange thing to write when your 14 yr old son has just been murdered ...

      Despite continued insistence that the shooter messed up & shot devout Christians instead of "the Jews he hated", it's interesting to see now that Jewish Media has given Mindy's story far more coverage than the mainstream has -- & I've found no coverage at all from the Christian Media. Since "No Jews Were Killed" -- that seems especially odd.

      Interesting To Note ... this shooting ALSO OCCURRED AT PASSOVER -- these (supposed) "Christians" were 'killed' on a Sunday ... but on 4/13/14 it was the day before Passover.
      (See how that date reads 41'3'14 ... from Left to Right & also R to L -- as Hebrew is read.)

      Mindy had been involved with something like a Leadership School -- like I said, a (sort of) Pyramid Project -- but I still don't think that's the right name for it.
      Excuse the lengthy reply, but you got me thinking, & then I found similarities to the Poway event & kept looking (you know how it goes ...)
      I wonder if points are added -- or deducted -- for staging an event with script similarities to another incident? Is it sloppy -- or a tribute? Or are certain parameters assigned, from which they cannot deviate?
      There are so many "Unknown Knowns" -- as ol' Donald Rumsfeld would say ... lol :D ;D

    7. Mfssy great stuff! I love the "Unknown Knowns", if that doesn't say it all, lol. I thought of the "initiation" hoax theory a few years back when there was a ridiculous news story not too far from me here in Ontario, Canada, that actually made CBC radio. It was about a stolen plane crashing on a road called "Landsdown", get it, lol. It happened in the wee hours as usual. I am very familiar with this road and there is no way this happened without any cars being hit or power lines coming down too. When I looked it up it was just a pile of scrap metal on a flatbed, there was a goofy "witness" with bad video of the scrap.... the usual B.S. I went through that intersection the other day too and laughed again to see the absurdity of even a small plane crashing there and not taking down a single wire as that corner is heavily covered in overhead wires. It made me think "what is the reason to pull this hoax"? I do know that this small city where it happened has a Scottish Rite lodge that is only several years old. What I concluded is someone was getting their 33rd degree and had to pull off a hoax. The success will be based on how many people you can control, ie police, paramedics, press, city officials, hospitals and coroners, etc. There is probably bonus points or higher degrees based on the connection to past or future events, for including the planetary alignments, etc. Just think how many people were/are in the "know" in the 9/11 event, that was a major step up the ladder for a few for sure. Your analysis above with the Overland shooting is very good and sounds much like the current hoaxes too, seems things never change, why would they when they continue to get away with these sloppy stories. The "Mindy" character made me think of "Mork and Mindy" and this story happened not long before Robin Williams "died". So I had to check the dates, lol.
      From Williams' last b-day July 21, 2013 to April 13, 2014 =
      38 weeks or 266 days
      From April 13/14 to July 21/14 = 99 days or 3 months 8 days or 14 weeks 1 day
      From April 13/14 to August 11/14 (incl. end date) = 121 days or 3 months 30 days
      So we have 38 = "death" showing up twice from his last bday and to his next. We also have a 141 which goes with his death date 8/11 as 811 is the 141st prime. Then we get the 33 in too. Crazy but there seems to be a connection, lol.
      Thanks again for the information!

    8. Great connection with Robin Williams' death! The numbers do indicate a connection. Glad you told about the local plane crash -- these scams DO happen all the time locally on a smaller scale. The region is deeply Masonic here in west Ky, albeit "quietly". We have bizarre incidents all the time -- including a plane crash very similar to the one you described -- on Saturday 1/3/15. A family (supposedly) "died", except for a little girl, & a lot of mention was made about her showing up on a creepy old man's doorstep with one sock on -- & the other foot was completely bare (Masonic symbolism). As with your crash incident, the only photos were of a scrapped-looking plane on the back of a flatbed truck. I looked as deep as I could into it, & as usual nothing made sense. But the numbers revealed a definite hoax, & of course there were multiple GoFundMe sites. Now it's like it never happened.
      You mentioned Coroners, & they are key to pulling these off. Here in the states, virtually all are Elected (usually running unopposed), & there is No Requirement that they have ANY medical knowledge or training at all. At best, some might've been a paramedic at some point-- but the CSI version doesn't exist in the majority of the country. It's a very powerful position -- their rulings determine whether a death is ruled suicide, accident, murder, etc. ... which in turn affects insurance payouts & whether someone gets charged & sent to jail. Scary, scary stuff. And yet No One ever talks about it, because unless they've had dealings with The System, very few understand the reality of how it's run.
      Most coroners also have close ties to specific funeral homes-- another vital component in the hoax biz. :D ;D

    9. Wow, the plane crash story is funny, reminds me of creepy Gene from Sandy Hook. That guy was classic, lol. Yes, the coroners are a big part in these "hoax" deaths. I find it startling that your coroners don't need to be doctors and are "elected". Why would they need to be "elected"? One coroner you see with many famous "deaths" is Thomas Noguchi. He has quite the list of "dead Celebrities". Some of the "deaths" (ie Divine) were apparently done when he lost his title of coroner, lol. I also find some prisons are "spook" prisons where some of these hoax "killers" are apparently housed. They probably have a wing that is completely empty where these spooks are suppose to be. That's why they are in "Solitary Confinement". Even reviewing Robin Williams, I noticed it said on wiki he was cremated and scattered the day after he died, c'mon. How did they do that so fast when he was under going an autopsy? If only others would ask questions, lol. Thanks for the chat Mfssy :)


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