Saturday, April 27, 2019

49 | Avengers Endgame, released April 26, 2019

The movie released on a date with 49 numerology.

4/26/19 = 4+26+19 = 49

Endgame makes me think of Revelation.

The film has been released while the lead director, Anthony Russo, is 49-years-old.

His younger brother is 47.

A lot of people are telling me there is a critical scene at the Golden Gate Bridge.

We know about the Bay Area and 49...

If anyone has anything to share about this film, I'm listening.

It has now set the record for opening weekend dollars.


  1. Would u like to see something from the movie VENOM?

    1. And more importantly BumbleBee!

    2. What did you find in Bumblebee and Venom?

    3. Watch this space-->

  2. Dude there is a scene I believe at Golden Gate Park with metre high tombstones with hundreds of names on it. Possible preadvertising for that music festival from Aug9 to 11

  3. There is a scene where ant man visits a memorial which conveniently overlooks the Golden Gate bridge. The memorial contains numerous plaques inscribed with thousands of names of people who perished in the disaster. In the next scene, Black Widow is addressing the Avengers and there is mention of 'tremors' and 'earthquakes under the ocean'. This is interesting because as we know, the gematria for August 11 2019 is pointing toward the Golden Gate bridge. Also it's the 223rd day of the year (Natural disaster = 223).

  4. 3000 might be the number of people who will die at san fracisco...
    They "love"us 3000 right?

  5. End of Golden State Warriors?

  6. New chapter" = 49 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    New chapter" = 113 (English Ordinal)
    Final" = 42 (English Ordinal)
    Foreshadowing" = 207 (Reverse Ordinal) 27, like Ritual

  7. Warriors=49
    Ant man = Scott Lang =111 or is it Scotland?=88!

  8. I've been wondering, is this all really predictive programming? Or, is it fulfilling the events outlined in the films, as well as in books?
    Makes me think it's all part of the game of self fulfilling prophecy.

  9. Thanos caused the disappearance of countless lives in the previous film with just a "snap" of his fingers while wearing the infinity gauntlet that housed the 6-infinity stones. Could the Golden Gate Bridge scene be foreshadowing the "snap" of something else in that area? The bridge or the ground perhaps? This movie also came out 49-days after the last Marvel film, "Captain Marvel." As far as the huge memorial to the dead in the film:

    "Memorial" = 49(Reverse Full Reduction)


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