Thursday, April 25, 2019

39 96 105 119 | Hillsborough disaster and Heysel Stadium disaster parallels +Freemason cover-up

Notice the 119 gematria of the event.

Liverpool was playing.  Their fans were blamed.

They Heysel stadium disaster happened on a date with 119 numerology.

5/29/85 = 5+29+85 = 119

Notice 96 killed at Hillsborough and 39 at Heysel.

The Hillsborough disaster happened on the 105th day of the year.

 To make no mistake about it...


  1. Hi Zach, I wanted to bring to your attention the recent (16 mar 2019) international Rugby match between England and Scotland which was held at Twickenham in London and finished 38-38
    England led 31-7 at half time and Scotland won the 2nd half by the same score bringing the final result to 38 each, also there were 11 trys/touchdowns and England scored the final points in the 83rd/84th minite.
    Thought you might be interested?

  2. I also posted a comment on the 'Keeping an eye on Meghan Markle" thread with a few bits of info that you may have missed.
    1.The BBC have chosen a piece of music for their live coverage titled 'The Trap'
    2.The 1st London Marathon was held on the 29 mar 1981, 38 years ago and 19 years from the end of the century and this years marathon being 19 years into the century.
    3. The marathon starts from 3 different points with one of the starts being the 'blue start' from 'Shooter's hill'

  3. Zach, You should maybe also check out the 'Jill Dando' story that is getting a lot of coverage here in the UK. Jill Dando was a prominent BBC crime/war reporter/journalist who was shot dead outside her home in lonodon on the 26 April 1999, with the crime never being solved and an apparent reluctance from the UK police to properly investigate.
    This story is getting a LOT of coverage just now j
    here in the UK with the BBC showing a documentary tonight the 25th.


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