Saturday, April 20, 2019

88 420 | 420 (April 20) the weed holiday, and the Marijuana & 88 lesson

Recall this lesson about "420", the weed holiday, and 'marijuana'.

The "420" slang comes out of California.

Don't forget the 420 riddle with California opening it's recreational weeds shops:


  1. Got a call from a Manhattan area code on April 18th. (212). "Manhattan" = 118 Francis Bacon

  2. Hitler's birthday was April 20. H is the eighth letter, and the Aryan Brotherhood uses the number 88 for 'HH' or 'Heil Hitler.'

  3. Hey hey hey...smoke weed every day

  4. Denver Nuggets will win first ever NBA title against Milwaukee Bucks. It is about Gold. It is about first times. It is about their new logo. It is just like UVA's logo...the X. Find out the truth here:


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