Tuesday, April 30, 2019

19 | James Holzhauer wins record 19th Jeopardy game, April 30, 2019


This 19th win comes on a date with 19 numerology.  Keep in mind it is 2019.

4/30/2019 = 4+3+0+2+0+1+9 = 19

Yesterday, he won his 18th game, by $18.


  1. If you add up his 19 day winnings 1+4+2+6+3+3+0 =19.

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  3. Jimmy butler #23 asked if his name is “ JAMES”

    Jordan won his first ring in 1991 vs Magic Johnson

    Check out FALCONS nephew from Avengers

    Also notice the FALCONS traded with rams to pick 31st

    Check out operation Falcon 1991
    Falcons first OT Super Bowl team lost 25pt lead

  4. Notice Rockets Nene #42 given a tech lady night
    Notice 24 year old Toni Braxton’s niece dead yesterday
    Notice Kobe #24 breaking down Kyries game
    Notice 2 dead 4 injured by UNC shooting Trystan Terrell

    Notice Tristan Thompson norm in 91

    More rituals for the goat MJ and his father RAYMOND JAMES Jordan

  5. Today is 5/1 get ready for fire works 😈

  6. "Nineteenth" = 114 eo, 51 red, 140 FB
    "Holzhauer" = 114 eo, 51 red, 140 FB
    That is a: "Perfect Match" = *118 eo

    The headlines above tout his "18th win by $18" & "18th game".
    The winning answer was "Bonn" = 18 red, 18 rr
    "Eighteenth" = 101 eo ... Holzhauer lives in --
    "West Tn" = 101 eo ... :D ;D

    1. Thanks! Really enjoyed your interview on Tin Foil Hat. It's so nice to hear when people are legitimately blown away, & you're really good at showing how things link up. :D ;D


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