Sunday, April 28, 2019

58 | The officiating in the Rockets vs. Warriors series threatens to define the rivalry, April 28, 2019 news

I spy with my little eye a 58.  Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58

*Oakland = 58; Golden State = 58


  1. Chris Paul ejected with 4.4 on the clock ... you know the rest

    1. Genece Brinkley(135) - name of the judge who prevent meek mill to Toronto .. it's Meeks team vs drake .. go back to the tech 9 stuff !!! My guess he gets allowed to go game 7 but we will see

    2. From 10/27 to finals , 5/30 is 215 days

  2. New York giants rookie shot. his teammate at Washburn University was killed (topeka Kansas).

  3. Denver Nuggets Will Be 2019 NBA Champs. Golden State was last year. It is about the Gold, The D. They will defeat Milwaukee Bucks. It is about Milwaukee. I proved Virginia The victor and why. I told you 8 days ago here that Denver will win. Here is the proof:

    1. Lmao Denver. Hell no.

    2. Nah bruh 76ers also not

    3. Retard, any one with brains knows Denver/Milwaukee are 2 teams that most def wont be there....

      Warriors .

      Boston vs 76ers

      Toronto, Milwaukee, Houston, den, Portland, are all dead

    4. You always have to insult haha youre so funny man.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Lmao remove your comment hahaha

    7. any feed back on zachs sports picks hes making 11k a month on patron his winning % last few years sucks claims he picked Virginia early on collage basketball

    8. any of the 8 teams left can go to Finals, you guys think u got it down, but most of u are broke morons, But Denver has same chance as any other team not named Golden St.

  4. Donald J elected in office in 20(17) Orangeman face
    (D)aniel (J)ones drafted wore #17 @ duke

    On 3/23 2018 ... Syracuse 65 duke 69 = 134
    Milwaukee beat Warriors with 134pts
    Trump speech in Wisconsin “ hear it again”

    #8 cousins out in DC
    #11 smith in and out in DC

    Black QB to save DC
    Black hero= Black panther
    Avengers end game = captain America turns it over to black super hero

    Trump (88) replaced Barry (71) = orange & Black =44

    Trump 44th person to be president
    Obama 44th president

    Sum=88 ... 88 constellations 88 redskins won Super Bowl 22 with #17 black QB

    DC sniper=88 ... iron man is dead and his uniform reminds me of the REDSKINS .. the Rich super hero with no power. Tony starks time traveling works
    Just like Trump family and time travel B.S

  5. Hail to the chief

    Notice the media is predicting a Trump landslide in 2020
    Just like Hillary I’m 2016 😁😁😁

  6. John Singleton died today on 4/29/19, 27 years after the L.A. Riots brgan!


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