Monday, April 22, 2019

33 47 61 106 | Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees stop playing Kate Smith's 'God Bless America' due to racist past, April 2019 news

This woman once died 47-days after her birthday, at the age of 79.  Murder = 79

She died in '86.  Blood Sacrifice = 86 

You'll notice the baseball angle to this story.  Don't forget they called up Jackie, #42, in the year '47.

God Bless America = 61
Philadelphia = 61
*Bryce Harper = 61

Kate Smith = 106
Philadelphia Phillies = 106
*They became 10-6 on the 106th day of the year 

This news comes on a date with 65 numerology.

4/22/2019 = 4+22+20+19 = 65
Philadelphia = 65; Bryce Harper = 65

Don't forget Philadelphia was established on the day leaving 65-days left in the year.

Her film was in '33, and this news is coming 33-years after her death.

New York = 33
PHI = 33 (How Philadelphia is abbreviated in sports games)
Masonry = 33
Secrecy = 33
Order = 33


  1. Awesome connection to the Phillies, but she sang for the Flyers in the time of their Stanley Cups and they dropped her. They would even incorporate her video from that era in Lauren Hart's current rendition of God Bless America. Lauren Hart is the daughter of the former voice of the Flyers Gene Hart. Long time play by play guy, but I don't think there is a relation to Carter Hart, the Flyers rookie goalie.
    Kate Smith was born in Greenville, VA. It could be a tie in to the riddle of Acts 7:6 and the 76's playoff run. It is crazy how well it syncs with the Phillies
    Also the Flyers had a Kate Smith statue outside of their home ice (where the sixers play). When this news broke they covered it in a black plastic to keep people from vandalizing it before it was removed.

  2. "My Old Ky Home"** -- anthem of the Ky Derby (on 5/4/19) & written by Stephen Foster -- originally said, "Tis summer, the Darkies are gay", & it used "Darkies" a total of 3 times. Kate Smith sang this song too. But now they've replaced Darkies with "Young Folks" -- so it's acceptable.
    A Lot of Money has been invested to "brand" the Derby (& state) with this song, & it would seem they've placated the Social Justice Warriors with cash as well. You don't see anyone crying out to dismantle the numerous tributes to Stephen Foster -- the Creator of the Original Lyrics ... & he used the term Darkies "liberally". This is Extortion -- pay up or there'll be trouble, & it's also part of the agenda to topple Traditional American Heroes (which Kate was for the WW2 generation) -- just like they've been attacking John Wayne.
    ** Most Disturbing is the wiki page for "My Old Ky Home". They have COMPLETELY REVISED the history & meaning of the song -- claiming it to be an anti-slavery ballad. No It's NOT! It's about missing a childhood home & about the Changing Of The Seasons -- the onset of winter means bleakness but also rest, after the toil of harvest & warmth of summer.
    Unfricking believable how they're schooling people to view ALL Southern historical references through the lens of slavery, & wiping out their ability to perceive any meaning that isn't blatantly literal. (Case in point -- ivy league schools offer seminars on "The Last Of The Mohicans", in which the multiple layers of meaning that James Fenimore Cooper intentionally placed within the text are discussed. This "level of understanding" was once commonplace amongst all schoolkids -- but today only the brightest of the elite are privy to such insights.) :D ;D


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