Friday, April 26, 2019

42 59 119 223 | Vladimir Guerrero Jr. called up to the MLB, April 26, 2019 (Another 42 and 59 ritual)

He is being called up on a 42 date numerology, on his 42nd day of his age.

4/26/2019 = 4+26+(2+0+1+9) = 42

This appears to be another 42 and 59 ritual.

He will play for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Negro = 59; Slave = 59; Blues = 59; Jack Robinson = 59
Slavery = 42; Jackie = 42

His name gematria has standout numbers.   119.  223.

More on his name gematria is as follows:


  1. Stefanie Sherk's Suicide/21 Bridges:

  2. On a different note, but still sports related, Dabo Sweeney just received a 10-year, $93 million contract extension with Clemson in college football. Here are some numbers.

    Clemson Tigers football head coach, Dabo Sweeney agrees to a 10-year, $93-million contract extension. This news report comes after Dabo's second National Championship win.

    "Sweeney" = 93(Reverse Ordinal)
    "Dabo's 2nd Championship" = 93(Full Reduction)
    "Propaganda" = 93(English Ordinal) - This is all propaganda

    This news comes a span of 158-days after Sweeney's birthday.

    "Ninety Three Million Dollar Contract" = 158(Full Reduction)
    "Sweeney's Second National Championship" = 158(Full Reduction)
    "Alabama" = 158(Reverse Ordinal) - Whom did Dabo's Tigers beat once again for yet another championship?
    "Freemasonry" = 158(Reverse Ordinal)

    This is also 115 days from the beginning of the year.

    "Ninety Three Million Dollar Contract" = 115(Chaldean)
    "Death Valley" = 115(English Ordinal) - Home to the Clemson Tigers football team.

    News of this outrageously ridiculous contract appears on the 116th day, and it was given to Mr. Sweeney after his 116th career win in the 2019 National Championship, which was also Clemson's third in football.

    "3rd National Championship" = 116(Full Reduction)

    This 10-year extension comes 109-days after Clemson's National Championship victory.

    "Ten Year Contract Extension" = 109(Full Reduction)
    "Ten Years" = 109(Reverse Ordinal)

    And finally, this news comes 4-months and 4-days before Clemson's first game of the 2019-20 football season(44), and Clemson "clawed" Alabama to pieces with 44-points in the title game.

  3. Anyone notice the cardinals have the 1st pick in each round 😁

    Round 1 pick 1
    Round 2 pick 1
    Round 3 pick 1
    Round 4 pick 1
    Round 5 pick 1
    Round 6 pick 1

    216 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😈

  4. Two notes: connection again to the tiger theme and connection, possibly, to Russia and upcoming Orthodox Easter.

  5. Excited about tonights Game 6 Warriors vs Clippers.


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