Sunday, April 21, 2019

21 | "21 million" Sri Lankans on lockdown, Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019

They continue to mention "21 million people", likely another made up figure.

They're building the New World Order police state, one holy day at a time.


  1. Here we go again.....cnn showing golden gate bridge on their home page the day of an nwo event....

    1. Good work, Ed. There is another tiger story today about endangered tigers in the Sunderland.

  2. I didnt realize there were tiger attacks in the news yesterday either.

    Not sure if you covered this. I didnt see anything at a glance.

  3. Ok wow... that tiger attack that was reported yesterday happened in "Topeka" kansas..."Topeka" has a match on 3 of 4 ciphers to "easter"

    Easter 68 23 94
    Topeka 68 23 94

    This is just more concrete proof that this is more than coincidence and this isnt just some organic matrix coded gematria....

    These sick fucks control every story down to the ones at the bottom of the page you wouodnt thibk twice about reading.

  4. We've been looking at 8/11 the 223rd day of the year, for a potential event.
    The President of Sri Lanka is 811 months old and has been in office for 223 weeks.

  5. Savanah state university is home of the Tigers
    Savanah Rivera = victim in the AX attack in Brooklyn NY
    The masters won by Tiger woods
    LSU Tigers in the news = 27 Jacksonville RB and #13 WR Browns


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