Sunday, April 21, 2019

33 63 74 96 223 811 | Two ax attacks in Brooklyn New York, April 20, 2019, in Apartment 811

We have TWO ax attacks, in apartment 811.  *Death = 118

That reminds me of TWO TEMPLES and TISHA B'AV, AUGUST 11, or 8/11.

August 11 is the 223rd day of the year.

Flushing Avenue connects to Brooklyn, New York as well.

As for the victim, Savannah Rivera, she died on a date with 63 numerology.

4/20/2019 = 4+20+20+19 = 63

And last, notice the familiar gematria of 'Bushwick Houses'.

And checkout this 134 / Tisha B'Av connection to Bushwick Bill.

August 11 is 'Tisha B'Av' or the 'Ninth of Av'.


  1. The name of the victim, Savannah Rivera, is very much like Savannah River, named after Savannah, Georgia, the location of one of the oldest Freemason Lodges in the US. It's Solomon's Lodge #1, and it sits directly on the banks of the Savannah River. Tisha B'av, on 8/11, Savannah Rivera killed in 811, Solomon's Temple.

    1. To boot, the coordinates of the city of Savannah are 81.09°W, awful close to 81.1. I'm not sure what the exact coordinates of the lodge are, but it wouldn't surprise me if it sat at 81.1°N

  2. Brooklyn = Kings county
    Lebron's wife is Savanah Brinson
    Savanah state university founded on 11/26/1890
    11/26 like 11/8 or 28
    Both lebron and Jordan won their first rings at age 28 tied to Pat Riley
    Miami & LA
    London marathon on April 28
    82 Jordan hits the game winner vs Hoyas

    Seems like the riddle is LA/NY/ Lon-DON
    Rivera or Rivers like the clippers coach DOC who played
    In Dallas /ATL /NY and coached magic and Celtics
    Doc won title in 2008!
    The Celtics 17th
    Sri Lanka=71
    Virginia Cavaliers =Orange
    Syracuse coach killed a man .... Orangemen mascot
    Trump has the orange tan had his RNC in Ohio in 2016
    Jesus dead at 33
    Nipsey hustle dead at 33

    Bird #33 / Ewing #33 / Kareem #33
    I would think Kareem gets it next !
    Born 4/16/47 currently 72 years old 😂

  3. Now with all this stuff about rivers, rivers overflowing their banks this year, and River Granger dead in the pool.


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