Monday, April 29, 2019

52 72 115 158 119 205 | News of Larry King heart attack, April 29, 2019 +Incident on April 25

This news comes on a date with 52 and 72 numerology.

4/29/19 = 4+29+19 = 52

4/29/2019 = 4+29+20+19 = 72

This news comes on the 119th day of the year, April 29, 205-days from his 86th birthday.

This incident reportedly happened Thursday, April 25, 2019.

April 25 is the 115th day of the year.

It came on Larry's 158th day of his age.


  1. Rockets audited '18 Game 7, say Finals bid taken

    Rockets audited" = 223 (Reverse Ordinal)

  2. warriors will go 7-4 in philly

    declaration of independence was on 7/4 in philly 1776 like the 76ers

    warriors originally from philly and their first title was won as philly in '47 and its now their 47th season in Oakland

    lots of bay area-philly sports connections

  3. (L)arry (K)ing Jew
    (L)ori (K)aye killed in a Jew temple

    (L)ebron Jew money (K)yrie flat earth Jew Psyop

    (L)akers drama (K)nicks drama ... Most valuable franchises

    (K)ahwi (L)eonard will ____________. Predictions welcomed

    (K)yler Murry picked by (L)ast place cardinals ... Small reach

    (K)evin (L)ove is out of the spotlight poof!

    (K)ershaw (L)ost another WS,,,, minor reach but within the rules

  4. Hey man. Did you ever see any parallels or riddles following the NHL in hockey? I'm sure there's some things. Never looked into it.

  5. Video of the Hajj 1988 posted August 10th 2018

  6. Tomorrow is the climax of this month long satanic month of rituals

  7. "Dead Or Alive" = 96 eo, 66 rr
    "Heart" = 83 ro ... still seeing lots of 83 out there :D ;D


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