Saturday, April 20, 2019

38 118 | Keeping an eye on Meghan Markle at the London Marathon, April 28, 2019

Read prior post on London Marathon, April 28, 2019, in light of Nipsey Hussle's death:

For the record, April 28 is April 15 on the Julian Calendar, and April 15 is the date in history of the Boston Marathon Bombing...

Last year, Meghan Markle was banned from running in the London Marathon.

38-weeks...  Death = 38 / 118 (April 28 is the 118th day of the year)

That could also be the day the Royal Baby is born...


  1. I'm going to go out there with April 28/19 being the birth of the Royal Baby, there could be an "event" at the Marathon too but they could turn it around with the announcement of a new Royal.
    "Royal Baby" = 38 and 101 (26th prime)
    "Royal" = 26
    "Queen"= 26, 62
    May 24, 2019 is the 200th Anniversary of Queen Victoria's birthday.
    April 28/19 to May 24/19 = 26 days
    Perhaps they will have a girl and call her Victoria!
    "Victoria" = 119
    From the Wedding May 19/18 to April 28/19 = 11 months 9 days

    1. Queen Victoria died January 22, 1901, 118 years ago.
      From January 22, 2019 (118th anniversary) to April 28/19 = 96 days, or 3 months 6 days.
      From January 22/19 to May 24/19 = 122 days (died 1/22) or
      4 months 2 days
      From January 22/19 (118th death anniversary) to May 19/19 (1st anniversary Harry/Meghan) = 118 days including end date

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  3. I'm posting from the UK (SCOTLAND)and there appears to be a few ominous things Ive noticed that maybe you guys have missed.

    1. The BBC music chosen for their live coverage is titled 'The Trap'
    2. The 1st london marathon was held on the 29th Mar 1981, 38 years ago and 19 years from the end of the century and this years marathon being 19 years into the century.

  4. 3. The marathon starts from 3 different color coded points, one of the starts is called the 'blue start' from 'shooters hill'!


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